Conditions of employment

Employment Conditions 1.1. Employees implement right to labour guaranteed to them by the Constitution of Ukraine by way of conclusion of employment agreement for the work at the company. 1.2. The person that expressed an intent to enter into labour relationship with the company must submit the following documents to the company administration: a) employment record book which should be filled in according to the established practice (except the cases when the person’s employment is to be formalized for the first time); b) passport of the citizen of Ukraine or document replacing it; c) inland revenue authorities certificate on assignment of identification number; d) persons looking for a job for the first time and not having an employment record book should present a passport, diploma or other documents on qualification or professional training. Employment without presentation of the mentioned documents is not allowed. 1.3. During employment to the position requiring specific knowledge, company administration has the right to demand from the employee the presentation of diploma or other documents regarding obtained education or professional training. As proposed by administration, in cases foreseen by the law, the person that is to be employed at the plant can also submit the document on state of health (social security medical assessment board certificate) and other documents (military ID card or certificate on record in enlistment office, war veteran identification card, certificate of member of the Chornobyl nuclear disaster elimination team, etc.). 1.4. During admission to the job, it is forbidden to demand documents, presentation of which is not foreseen by the law, except the cases when the person agreed to submit such documents. The decision regarding employment is to be taken by company administration in accordance with job interview results. 1.5. During admission to the job, the employee should write the application for employment. The labour agreement is concluded with each employee in the written form. Concluded labour agreement and written application of the employee is the basis for issuing the order (decree) by company administration for employment of the person which should be announced to him/her and should contain the mark (employee’s signature) regarding his/her familiarization with it. In all cases, the order (decree) mentions name of employee’s job (position), which is determined based on company staff listing. Employed person is familiarized with position description and signs it. 1.6. During employee’s admission to the job or at the moment of his/her tranfer to another position in the established procedure, the company administration carries out the following: a) familiarization of the employee with assigned job, conditions of its performance and salary, explanation of his/her labour rights and obligations; b) familiarization of the employee with corporate code of conduct and other regulations present at the company; c) carrying out training on safety, industrial sanitation, labour hygiene, fire protection demands and other specific rules related to industrial safety. 1.7. During all the period of employee’s labour relations with the company, employment record books are kept updated in the order defined by current legislation of Ukraine. 1.8. Employment termination can occur only on the basis of and in the procedure foreseen by the current legislation of Ukraine and on conditions of labour agreement with the employee. 1.9. After agreeing employment termination terms, the employee has the right to stop working, and the company administration is obliged to hand the employment record book over to the employee and to settle accounts with him/her. 2.0. Labour agreement termination is registered with administration order. 2.1. At the day of dismissal, the administration is obliged to hand the employment record book containing record on dismissal over to the employee and to settle final payments. Records on grounds of dismissal contained in the employment record book must correspond strictly to the relevant wording of applicable legislation with reference to the corresponding article, clause of law. The day of dismissal is regarded as the last day of work.

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